It was Artesia, the great water dragon, which taught Darwin all of his magic. When Darwin later founded Vimpeli to save mankind after the Genesis War, he decided to train human disciples in the ways of magic so that they would be able to stand on their own feet should they face another serious threat. He selected two disciples to carry out this mission: Embla and Alfrig. Embla was a wise but short-tempered. Alfirg was tolerant, but terribly introverted. Darwin wanted them to help each other and teach magic to other humans, so they taught magic to the people of Vimpeli. Embla improved and developed new forms of elemental magic and was later called Elementalist by her pupils.

As time went by, the humans’ selfishness grew and people with power tried to drive out Darwin and his elves. Darwin, disappointed by their ungrateful behavior, disappeared and his two disciples left Vimpeli. In a rage, Embla set fire to the houses of the men with power in Vimpeli as she fled the city. Alfrig, not wanting to give up entirely, gathered his and Embla’s pupils and took them to Ikejans Isle. Embla traveled all over Glenheim in search of Darwin and the elves, but was never able to find them again. Although Alfrig introduced Elementalist to the world later on, it was Embla was really the root of the Elementalists…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 13, Elementalist-

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The shaman can change their skill by elemental switch, make wide-area elemental magics, and summon spirits(Ifrit, Siape).

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Meteor Meteor
This is a powerful skill in which the Elementalist summons a celestial rock to crash into the ground and cause a huge explosion. This is the most destructive skill in the Elementalists’ arsenal and can kill enemies in a large area.
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
When Circle Shine is active, this skill becomes Giga Bolt. Both harness the power of air. Lightning Bolt strikes its target area with tremendous force. However, if used while Circle Shine is active, it morphs into an even more powerful skill, Giga Bolt.
Mana Cannon Mana Cannon
This skill can also be used while Circle Shine is active. This creates a powerful mana bomb. While it can be used on the ground, Mana Canon is even more powerful from the air.