The root of Palacio, the great tree of life, were nested deep within the forest of the Dragon Mountains. Palacio was the birth place of elves and the resting place of the gods. The tree was nourished by the blessing of Akene and gave life to all the creatures of Glenheim. Nestled in the knotted branches of Palacio was a mysterious little girl named Illu. Gardener for Palacio and maid for the gods and elves, Illu was highly skilled in the ways of the phantom and Illusion. Anyone that tried to get in the tree of life was turned away by her deceptions

When Rahkdan attacked Glenheim, the ground cracked open and destroyed the life giving roots that Palacio had grown from the centuries. Illu was left alone until she met a group of shamans who were trying to find the old tree of life. Illu’s phantom and illusion skills were combined with a shaman’s spell, and thus, the Illusionist class was born…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 14, Illusionist-

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The shaman has combo attacks, wide scale protection barriers and various wide scale magics.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Phantom Tornado Phantom Tornado
It generates a massive tornado that sucks in any enemies in front of the caster. This is the most destructive skill in the Illusionists’ arsenal and can kill enemies in a large area.
Alluring Illusion Alluring Illusion
This skill let the Illusionist summon a phantom that distracts enemies. This deals even more damage when it is combined with Phantom Crash to make the phantom explode.
Soul Volle Soul Volle
This skill creates a barrier around the Illusionist that can block enemy attacks. Illusionists and their allies are protected within the barrier, but enemies can destroy it if they damage it enough.